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ICOBundle utility

Combines multiple ICO images (e.g. created by the above plugin) into a single ICO file.

Also of interest, to Linux/UNIX/OS X users, may be the icoutils package (extract, convert icons etc).

PSD/PSB Converter to Gimp XCF layered format

Standalone command-line (Terminal) tool to convert Photoshop layered PSD files into Gimp's XCF (v1) format. Also may help recover damaged PSD files.

Very fast and reliable conversion (e.g. less than 2 seconds to convert a 40MB PSD to compressed XCF, on a 2004 model PC). Note: Currently converts image layers only.

PSD/PSB Parser Utility

Command-line (Terminal) tool to parse Photoshop PSD format files, describe salient structure as text and XML, and dump layers to PNG files (sample dump). Also may be effective in recovering damaged PSD files.

PDP-8 and DG Nova assembler

An assembler for two interesting architectures, written with the aid of lex and yacc (flex/bison).

Simple expression parser example

A simple lex/yacc (Flex/Bison) based expression parser and evaluator.

PDP-11 back-end for lcc

PDP-11 target for the lcc retargetable ANSI C compiler. May be useful as a straightforward case study, see commentary.

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