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ICO (Windows Icon) Format

An easy way to create your web site's favourites/shortcut/bookmark icon in Photoshop. FREE, $5 donation suggested if you love the plugin. (MacHouse has a video tutorial on making a favicon.)

(If you're looking for a plugin for OS X 'icns' icons, try Zonic IconLab.)

Icon: Adobe Photoshop

Photoshop file (PSD) Extract/Recover tool

This plugin lets you grab image layers from any PSD/PSB file. It's faster than opening the whole PSD in Photoshop, if you just want a layer. Also, it lets you open PSD created by the newest versions of Photoshop, in older Photoshop versions that cannot read them directly. Most importantly, it can usually recover image layers from corrupted PSD files that Photoshop won't open (if Photoshop opens with damage, this plugin recovers a more intact image).

New! Use our free online tool to check and extract image layers from any PSD or PSB.

FREE - small donation suggested if it saves your day/sanity/job.

Development partly sponsored by Pixar.

Icon: Adobe Photoshop

Paint Shop Pro Format

Open and Save PSP 5-9 format files (including .pspimage, etc.) from Photoshop. (Has also proved useful in recovering image data from otherwise unopenable PSP files.) FREE, $5 donation suggested
Icon: Adobe Photoshop


LibPNG-based Photoshop file format plugin that is much faster than Photoshop's built-in PNG format, and supports 16 bit images. It also removes the 30,000 pixel limit, allowing PNGs of practically any size to be opened and saved.
Icon: Adobe Photoshop

Electric Image (EIAS) Format

Image format plugin - also reads .EIZ ElectricImage Z-buffer depth files. For all versions of Photoshop including CS and CS2.

Improve throughput of your .img files for use in Electric Image Animation System in excess of 100X! If you work in EIAS Animator you cannot do without this one. A typical benchmark saving 57MB file:

FREE, $5 donation suggested.

Icon: Adobe Photoshop

SGI Format

Reads and writes SGI (Irix) RGB image files, 8 or 16 bits/channel, in RLE or uncompressed formats. While Photoshop "Goodies" include this format, this plugin has fewer bugs, is faster, and works with all versions of Photoshop, on all platforms.
Icon: Adobe Photoshop

Netpbm (PBM, PGM, PPM, PNM) Formats

Reads and writes Netpbm portable image formats; a.k.a. portable anymap, bitmap, graymap, or pixmap.
Icon: Adobe Photoshop

MacPaint Format

Before Photoshop, there was MacPaint. This plugin is a small homage to the magic. Vive FatBits!
Icon: Adobe Photoshop


Type 0 uncompressed Wireless Bitmap format plugin. While Photoshop 7 includes this format, this plugin works with all versions of Photoshop, on all platforms.
Icon: Adobe Photoshop

DITABIS/DIBIS "micron" Format

This file format is used by imaging equipment from Digital Biomedical Imaging Systems AG. (This plugin was commissioned by DITABIS and is released under the GPL with their permission.)
Icon: Adobe Photoshop

8XI (TI-83 Plus) Format

Reads (bitmap) images in 8XI format, as used by TI-83 Plus devices. Basic support for saving exists but I do not have documentation on the header fields (please help :)
Icon: Adobe Photoshop

TIFFlib Format Plugin

Open and Save TIFF files using the versatile libtiff library. This supports a wider variety of TIFF flavours and compression types than the built-in Photoshop TIFF format. Also adds the ability to save in a wider range of compression types, including G3 and G4 fax.
Icon: Adobe Photoshop

WebP Format

File Format plugin that opens and saves 24-bit WebP images (Google's compression format for images on the web).

EIAS Component for QuickTime

Imports Electric Image (EIAS) Format files larger than 2GB.

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