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An example of a plugin tool which creates a logarithmic graph of a simple function.

PostScript Download tool for MPW

Tool for downloading PostScript to network printers.

E-mailer friendly HTML chess set

HTML chessboard and GIF chesspieces for the purpose of playing correspondence chess by e-mail.

Sine curves/waves in PostScript

A simple but accurate PostScript method for plotting sine waves. Can be used directly by Illustrator and Photoshop's built-in PostScript interpreters.

"Echo" bot for Jabber

Jabber bot which takes lines from a FIFO and announces them into group chat. Includes a complementary Subversion post-commit hook which posts one-line commit summaries to a FIFO.


Hardware/software interface Microchip PIC18 microcontrollers to ATA(PI)/IDE devices.

Subversion log XML to RSS

XSLT stylesheet which transforms the output of svn log --xml (e.g. as produced by a post-commit hook) into RSS 2.0 XML.


Script and post-commit hook to annotate Bugzilla bugs with Subversion commit messages. Partly inspired by Sean Foy's work, but greatly simplified for situations where Svn and Bz run on the same server. Versions provided for Bugzilla 2.18.x and 2.20.

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